Music - Phoenician Epic

Phoenician Epic is the artist name I produce music under. The best way to describe the music I produce beats with my own twist on sampling and thematic ideas. I have been producing music since around 2016 and mostly make music for myself without promoting it.

I usually release albums around every 3-to-6 months, so if you are a fan of my music, feel free to follow me on different platforms for my music.

Not all the music I make can be on general streaming services because of issues with sampling. However, 90% of all the music I make is still available on Spotify and Apple Music.

If you want to see the complete discography of my music projects, you can listen through Bandcamp.


The name "Phoenician Epic" stems from my Lebanese cultural background. The name "Phoenician Epic" also refers to the idea that I am making a musical epic story that guides the listener through different projects. Some albums heavily lean on a single theme through creative sampling choices, production techniques, and the genre of the music lean towards, while other projects are loose collections of fun jams.

For convenience, below is an interactive gallery of my discography.