About Me

Hello, I'm Stefan Abi-Karam. I'm a first-year graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My research focuses on hardware acceleration for machine learning. I also work on my own project using deep learning for hurricane forecasting. During my summers, I teach high school students scientific computing, data science, and machine learning as part of their research program.

I work / have worked on many interesting projects in different domains:

  • Hardware Accleration of Graph Neural Networks
  • Predictive Modeling for Hurricane Track Prediction, Tornado Formation, and Atmospheric Conditions using Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Hardware Acceleration for Binary Neural Networks on FPGAs
  • Vision-Based Satellite Orientation and Position Determination

I also wear / have worn many hats in many cool experiences:

  • Applied Machine Learning and Science Autonomy Research Intern at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Project Team Lead for Stromalytics in the Data Science at Georgia Tech Club
  • Teacher at American Heritage High School

In my own time, I like learning and experimenting in areas such as music production / music synthesis, open-source hardware, and meteorology / earth science / remote sensing.

Skills and Tools

Hardware — Verilog, HLS, Kicad, FPGAs + Embedded Systems + Microcontrollers

Software — Python, C/C++, HTML/JS/CSS

Research — Deep Learning, Time Series Forecasting, Computer Vision + Remote Sensing, Data Science + Environmental Sensing, Optimization, Signal Processing + Hardware Music Synthesis, Biomedical Imaging and Sensing, Teaching Pedagogy